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It is important when you are interviewing an agent to list your home, that you pay considerable attention to how they plan to market your home. You should always review how they came up with their pricing strategy and how they plan to market your home to the masses.

Also keep in mind that selling your home is more than a one person job! That is why our group can serve you better. We have a fully trained staff here for you every day.

  • We have EIGHT licensed Realtors working for you!
  • Systems and Processes that have been molded from over 37 years of experience.
  • Technology to help streamline our daily communication and tasks.

How we MARKET your home...

We are BIG on advertising! -- We are committed to advertising your home in multiple media streams.
  • Local Multi-List - All of our listings are found in our local Realtor associations Multi-List database. This allows other agents to find our listings and schedule showings.
  • Internet: Our listings are found on over 20 local and national websites including this website,, and Stats prove that the internet is main outlet for buyers to search for homes. We have made it a priority to market our listings on sites that get the most traffic.
  • Print: Every week we run a full color page ad in the Sunday edition of the Wichita Eagle.
  • Virtual Tours: Every listing will receive a professional visual tour to allow buyers to view all the details right from their computer!
  • Professional Photography: It is important the best quality pictures are taken to show off your home.
  • Brochures: Every listing of ours has its own characteristics and features. Our brochures will be used to showcase these features. 

Schedule and interview today and we'll show why our group has been #1 in Wichita year after year. 316-634-6767

    The Carnahan Group has made a committment in resources, time and money to assure that we will be successful in helping you achieve your goals. How Can We Help You?
    The Carnahan Group’s mission statement is a pledge that Cindy's father gave her many years ago…

    I pledge myself…

    • To protect the individual right of Real Estate ownership and to widen the opportunity to enjoy it.
    • To be honorable and honest in all dealings.
    • To seek better to represent my clients by building my knowledge and competence.
    • To act fairly towards all in the spirit of the Golden Rule.
    • To serve well my community, and through it my country.
    • To observe the Realtors Code of Ethics and conform my conduct to its lofty ideals.
    The Carnahan Group knows Wichita…
    We would like to know you too!