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You might say Wichita is part of the bible belt, or that the Mid West values are apparent, that family is at the heart of the community…so what is so bad about that?

Wichita is a very philanthropic city. We take care of our own citizens, through non-profit organizations because Wichita cares for all members of the community.

Wichita was the first city in the United States to have two Ronald McDonald houses. We have an endowed Symphony, a sold out Music Theatre season as well as a state of the art zoo. The Sedgwick County Zoo, raises three quarters of a million dollars in one night each year at a fabulous fundraising event called, “Zoobilee.” The number two fundraising event for zoos in the nation.

There is no standing in line for services in Wichita, and this creates an atmosphere of competition. Competition puts hot food on the table, brings your prescription drugs and dry cleaning delivered to your door and fabulous gift wrap and delivery by our local merchants. All of this just to win your heart and keep you coming back for more. In other words… If you can’t find it on Rock or Maize Road…You don’t need it!

After 37+ years of selling homes in Wichita Kansas, Cindy says… “They cry when they come, and they cry when they leave” because…

It is so easy to live in Wichita!

Moving Into Wichita?

If you are a buyer moving to Wichita, You must begin to realize and understand that you will need a guide in order to weed out the properties that have a compromise either in condition or location. You will need necessities such as a hairdresser, doctors, schools for your children, a veterinarian, etc.. “Cindy Prefers” will let you know whom The Carnahan Group relies on for their needs. As a lifetime resident of Wichita, Kansas, Cindy and her group of Realtors are your connection to what you need! In other words... YOU NEED THE CARNAHAN GROUP!

Moving Out of Wichita?

If you are moving out of Wichita you are eager to find out the value of your current home in the market place today. By using historical data on homes recently sold as a guide, your Carnahan Group agent will educate you as to what homes similar to yours have sold for in the recent past. We will ascertain what is competing in the market for poised and ready buyers and determine the top dollar you can expect to receive for one of your largest financial commitments…your home. In other words…You Need The Carnahan Group!

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