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Dear Cindy - I just wanted to extend my congratulations to you for successfully and professionally managing the sale of our home. I also appreciate the copy of the video of our home you sent to Karen and she shared with me. Duane and I shared a lot of happy memories in that home and I hope the new owners will, too. Thank you, Cindy.
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed you on the Women to Women panel earlier this month. I've been following your career since the late 80's and watched you become one of Wichita's most talented and respected business professionals. Congrats on your well deserved Women in Business recognition. Above all your sense of humor is the best!! Thanks for sharing your talents.
Gretchen Digiovanni
As a member of the Leadership Kansas Class of 2014, I am writing to express my deep appreciation for the welcoming hospitality you provided during our visit to the Wichita, Hutchinson and El Dorado regions. Throughout our stay we were provided with informative presentations and heartfelt testimonies about your community's contribution to the states economy and Kansas society. It was very informative trip that opened my eyes to the uniqueness of south central Kansas.
Paul Grimes, Dean of Kelce College of Business
Thank you for making the time in your busy schedule to plan the 2014 Leadership Kansas Wichita trip. I had a wonderful time and have not stopped talking about all of the wonderful people we met and businesses we saw in Wichita
Amy Burns, President of Junior Achievement of Kansas
Thank you for hosting Leadership Kansas Class 2014, I am so thankful to have this opportunity and even more thankful for individuals such as yourself that give time, energy and commitment to this great program in our wonderful state. Without people like you Kansas would not be the gracious state it is.
Jennifer Cunningham, City Prosecutor of Garden City
Dear Cindy, Thank you so much for your continued support of Holiday Galleria and Junior League of Wichita! Your Sponsorship helps make our efforts to improve the Wichita community a reality. Thanks for making Holiday Galleria 2015 a great success.
Julie Thead
Cindy, We cannot thank you enough for a dinner thank arrived at the perfect moment. Moving is a challenge and this delicious dinner arrived just in the nick of time. You've been great through this entire process. Thank you. Susie and David
Susie and David Anderson
Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated Brandon during our buying and selling of homes. He is a true professional, yet so personable & kind.
The Elliotts-Heath & Shelli
Clarke, Thank you so much for working so hard to sell my house...twice! Let's hope we don't need to use the "third times a charm" phrase. Im so grateful for your skill set and your ability to get things accomplished so quickly. A true professional. Just wanted you to know I appreciate your hard work. Thank you.
Anne Frey
Cindy, I have been in the business 37 years and would like you to know that I am very impressed with your abilities and company. You are indeed amazing! Your staff made the transition smooth and easy, and we would like to thank you for all you have done for us. You are the best in the business Cindy, my compliments! Tim Sellers
Tim Sellers
It was great to see the news this morning that The Carnahan Group was honored as one of Wichita’s Best Places to Work. What a wonderful affirmation of your leadership and team-building skills! I’m guessing that your warmth and spirit of community engagement is contagious and helps keep your team energized and happy too. Congratulations on the honor. Well deserved!
Mary Beth
Clarke, Thank you for all your help with regard to our new house. The whole process went smoothly thank s in(very)large part to your work- We really appreciate that. We are absolutely loving the house!! Thanks again Chet and Amanda
Chet and Amanda
Cindy, just a short note to you to thank you for selling my house and getting top dollar. You and your team are efficient and great to work with. You have a very professional team! Thanks to all.
Steve Pocsik
Now that I have settled in my new home I felt it time to write to you. Your level of customer service is top notch! No matter what crisis arise. Rachel was there with her gentle calm nature to get me through it. When my movers did not show up as scheduled, along came Rachel, DeeAna and their spouses!! When they all started moving boxes out to their cars I was almost speechless. That is "WOW" service. The service didn't stop there, DeeAnna met my elderly parents who were waiting for Cox installation and feeling very frazzled by it all and sat to calm them, offering to get them lunch. How very thoughtful! From the beginning to the end I took comfort knowing that I was in your capable hands. I was so impressed by your service and extremely grateful for your help.
Dianne Allison
Dear Cindy --- Our dealing with your son Clarke on the sale of my late sister’s home has been a wonderful association. There was so much to do to get the house on the market; he really stepped up and did all that was necessary. I could not have asked for better advice and help during the entire process. We closed today, thanks to Clarke. I just want to thank you for making him available to us and for his professionalism all through sale. It was a stroke of luck that our son Chip knew you and could help put us in touch. Very best wishes to you and your family.
Dee Blaser
… but I couldn’t let the week go by without congratulating you on the Carnahan Group Innovation Award from the Business Journal. Even if some of us have become a little jaded about the awards business ? , that’s pretty darn cool – to be stewarding a longtime business and get recognized for innovating. That clearly reflects on good leadership by a gal willing to stay nimble and always evolve. Nice going, Cindy! Best, Mary Beth
Mary Beth Jarvis
Cindy, What a great photo of The Carnahan Group in the SPRING/SUMMER 2016 edition of THE SHOCKER magazine. You ARE the Movers & Shockers who helped us "Trade up. Pare Down. and Move On! I know we have previously shared our gratitude to you for your expertise during our recent real estate venture, however your professionalism made our move to KC much smoooooother. thank you.
Walt and Kaye Myers
Dear Cindy, This note is long overdue, but I want to thank you for sending Clarke to help Tiffany and Josh find a great home. They are absolutely thrilled with it! It's in a nice little neighborhood in the Goddard school district. They had a well dug for them like everyone else in the cul-de-sac. It will be connected to their sprinkler system which will be put in soon along with the yard. Tiff loved working with Clarke. (those KU alums have to stick together!) She appreciated his attentiveness in showing them homes and getting back to her when she had questions. Tiffany also mentioned how much she loved getting together with the loan officer because he was a teacher at heart and was so good explaining things to them as first time homebuyers. She also thought the closing officer was great too. In her words, she was happy with the whole experience from beginning to end. Thanks to you and Clarke for making this so seamless for them. Tiff mentioned that she'd love to get into the loan business. She's found that she loves working with numbers. Wished she worked with more numbers in the hotel business. She's not that keen on the hotel business but she's gotten pegged into it since working at Holiday Inn in Lawrence. Well, my friend, thanks for all your help and sending Clarke my kids' way. Who would've known back in the 80s that this would happen. Clark was just a toddler and Tiffany wasn't even a thought. Karen
Karen Armstrong
Congrats on your well deserved honor of being named an outstanding business leader in Wichita. My husband and I enjoyed working with you on the listing and sale of our home at 8802 Shannon Way, You and your staff were so professional! All the best in the future.
Conie and Sandy
Unfortunately I cannot make the J.A. Dinner on Tuesday, but I wanted to congratulate you on entering the Hall of Fame! Truly, you exemplify the traits of good leadership & community service that we struggle to imbue in our students and young people today! You have been a model to ou community for many years and I am glad you are receiving well deserved recognition. I am so proud to call you "friend!" Congratulations!
Congratulations on being inducted into the junior achievement Business Hall of Fame. Such an incredible honor to you and a testament to an outstanding career of diligence, hard work, professionalism, success and caring. You are a terrific role model for many young women & us all!
Congratulations on your induction into the 2017 Junior Achievement Business Hall of fame. An honor you have truly deserved. I appreciate the high standards you have set in investing your time and support to such an admirable organization. I enjoyed being there to see you recognized for your achievements.
Congrats on the wonderful article in this week's Wichita Eagle. It is a testament to your love for Wichita and all you do in our community.
Congratulations to a superstar business woment on being named to the WBJ's Women in Business Hall of Fame! I can think of very few people who have combined your business leadership and success with a lifelong commitment to making our community a better place. It's a well-deserved honor for a rock star like you!
Tammy Allen
Thank you so much for taking time from your busy schedule to spend time with our team! We enjoyed our historical tour of Wichita with you! Thanks for sharing your time and knowledge.
Congratulations on this Jr. Achievement honor! Its no surprise! We are proud of you and for you, and blessed to know you! Much love,
Marty & Connie Helm
Congratulations on being recognized as an outstanding business leader of Junior Achievement. It is a well deserved honor. Hope all is well with your family
Cindy, Congratulations on your JA Business Hall of Fame 2017 award You Rock!
Diane Klingman
I was only able to see you briefly last night so I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased I am that you were inducted into the J.A. Business Hall of Fame. The Tributes given to you on the video so aptly described you. You are capable as a business woman but you also take the time to give back in the community. Its an added bonus for us that you are a Shocker! Again, a Heartfelt congratulations.
I want to thank you for your tremendous support! I appreciate all that you are doing to advance the work of the Partnership through downtown/Douglas AVe. project. you are providing greater opportunities and are help us accelerate in so many ways. Congratulations on the Junior Achievement Business Hall of Fame award. This is a very well deserved award.
Cindy, Thank you for letting Junior Achievement honor and induct you into the JA Business Hall of Fame. You are an inspiring business leader and you have made extraordinary contributions to help make our community great. It was my pleasure working with you on this very important project and I thank you for our generosity time and all you did to make the JA Business Hall of Fame 2017 our most successful one yet!
Marci Werne
Dear Cindy, Congratulations on being inducted into the JA Business Hall of Fame 2017. Your are so deserving of such an honor. You give so much back to your community. Wishing you continued success.
Sue Hoefgen
Hi Cindy, this is David Rose. My wife Christie and I are buying the home at 11110 W. Central. Clark showed us the home, and we were impressed enough with him that we have since retained him as our buying agent and the selling agent on our home at 1512 N. Ridgehurst. I wanted to give you some well-deserved feedback regarding our experience dealing with Clark. Clark has been the perfect mix of professional and personable. In our first several interactions with him he was representing you as the selling agent on a home we were potential buyers for. During this time he always left us with the impression that he was looking out for our best interests as well as the sellers. He has continued to do an excellent job of representing our interests as this process evolves. The home at 11110 W. Central has required a great deal of extra effort on his behalf and he has always gone the extra mile that the quirks of that home have demanded. Most importantly, he has always made himself available to our needs, always responded to us promptly, and been very good about communicating with us at every turn. We have been extremely pleased with the representation Clark has provided, and we feel fortunate to have selected him as our agent. Thanks, David
We feel so lucky and blessed to have you as our Realtor. We believe God put us together that weekend. We love our home! Thank You!
Suzie and Rob Burton
Congratulations on your recent recognition as Sustainer of the Year. What a great role model you are in the Wichita Community. Best wishes on your new endeavors as well.
Mike and Rosalia Nolan
Thank you (and please convey my thanks also to Judy). I was concerned about trying to handle this from afar, but you folks made it relatively easy. I felt badly about occasionally asking you to take on "property management" functions, but your willingness to help on unexpected contingencies was invaluable. Your advice on pricing certainly enabled me to pick a number to get the house moved quickly even in this market. I couldn't be more pleased. -gmc
Mark Cole
Cindy, I wanted to let you know how fantastic Judy was during the process and helping smooth out all the big and little bumps. She did a great job and was fantastic to work with. It got a little hectic the last few days with some things but she had it all covered and really helped us through a stressful process. Take care.
Wade Robinson - Dean of Students, Wichita State University
Top Saleswoman - Congratulations on being recognized as Weigand's "Top Saleswoman!" That is truly an accomplishment. I am sure you could even sell ice to the Eskimos! Please keep up with your musical group -- you give so much pleasure to many people. You are to be admired, not only for your business and vocal achievements but your sense of humor and community spirit. I am happy to have had the opportunity to know you.
Cindy, Your team went above and beyond the call of duty! Special thanks to Katie, Carlos, Judy, and Leslie. Great Job and thank you for our wonderful house!
The Spicers
Distinguished Honor - Dear Cindy, Congratulations on so many well deserved honors. To be awarded Top Sales Associate in the East office in all categories is a distinguished honor. To be awarded the same for the Residential Division is even more distinguished. You work very hard for your clients and we are proud to have you working at Weigand's.
Connie Simcox
Words can not begin to express how grateful I am for your help with the house. You've gone above and beyond and I truly wouldn't have made it through without you.
Aliesa George
Thanks for all of your help! You all have been a blessing during this transition. You are all a sweet bunch to work with!
Morrie and Jana Sheets
Leslie, Thank you for taking the time to take me on a the city tour of Wichita last Friday. You did a great job. Bryan and I laughed that we know the same stories! Thanks, Cindy Elledge
Bryan and Cindy Elledge
Thank you so much for all you and your staff did for us in the process of buying a new home and selling our home. You are the ultimate-the best of a real estate professional and we were blessed to have you.
Jane and Bob Knight
Thanks for helping Jan and I become members of the Wichita Community and getting us through the closing! -
Carl and Jan M.
Dear Cindy, I wanted to thank you and your staff for your efforts to sell my parents house. Everyone was very responsive to our concerns. Dad seemed especially pleased that he had a place of honor at the closing-and such a wonderfully captive audience. On behalf of the Kocour Family, our sincerest thanks!
Cammy Healy
Hello! We just found out that we will be moving to Wichita from Alabama. I have been on net for a week now and nothing TOUCHES the quality of information and attention to detail you have given. The tour of neighborhoods was exceptional! We are old home lovers and have restored a 20's tudor before and share the love of those older neighborhoods such as College Hill and Eastborough. I loved your "Cindy Prefers"...that is SO helpful! Thanks again for such an informative truly makes us feel like we have visited the city!
Michele and Bryan Crutchfield
Carol and I want to tell you how much we appreciated the informative tour of Wichita that you provided yesterday. Your enthusiasm for the city and knowledge of the neighborhoods were quite apparent -- you certainly are a fine ambassador! After we left you, we followed your suggestion and had a wonderful outdoor dinner at YaYa's. This morning, we were able to visit a couple of churches and enjoyed lunch at the Uptown Bistro. Both meals were excellent. Thank you again for your time, especially on a Saturday night. We hope to have the opportunity to see you again and work with you.
Thomas Beckman
I thought you might like to know how pleased and happy we are with our new home. We can't thank you enough. It's just perfect for our family-the size, location, everything! And, it feels like home already. Thank you for listening to us and for recognizing our needs probably better than we did. We couldn't be happier with the way our relocation turned out, and finding the right home was key.
Mark and Suzanne Laycock
Thanks for everything! We certainly did appreciate your support throughout our move.
Karl and Monica
Cindy, Thank you for your exceptional service!
Nancy Leiker and Andrea Rott - Koch Industries
Dear Cindy, I am so pleased with the quality of your work. The excellent virtual tour presentation is an example of your expertise and dedication. Thanks to you and your group for all the hard work.
Anne Ferguson
Cindy, I wanted to pass on my appreciation for all of your services around selling our home. Your expertise and the competency of your staff are worth every penny. Thank you so much for treating us as a customer/client like we were valued and of high priority. Please pass on my sentiments to your staff.
Thomas Munger
Thank you for all of your support (and that of your team) over the last 6 months. We will certainly recommend The Carnahan Group to our friends, family, and neighbors.
Cindy You are a delight to work with and you and your staff did a wonderful job. Thanks for all of your help.