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About Wichita                                                                                                                             

Population*.................... 584,671
Source: U.S. Census Bureau (2004)

Civilian Labor Force......... 320,829
Source: Kansas Dept. of Human Resources, four county MSA (November 2007)

Unemployed..................... 11,395
Source: Kansas Dept. of Human Resources, four county MSA (November 2007)

Unemployment Rate............. 3.6%
Source: Kansas Dept. of Human Resources, four county MSA (November 2007)

Average Annual Pay......... $33,970
$2,550 or 7.0% below the national metro area average of $36,520
Source: Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics (2002)

Overall Cost of Living Index...... 95.5

Nearly 5% below the national urban average of 100.0
Source: ACCRA Cost of Living Survey (Q3-2004)

Violent Crime Rate................... 625
Property Crime Rate.............. 5,481

City of Wichita – Rates per 100,000 population. Wichita’s violent crime
rate is about half the average for cities of comparable population.
Source: FBI Uniform Crime Report (2003)

Average One-Way Commute Time.....
17 minutes

Approximately 30% shorter than the national average of 24 minutes
Source: U.S. Census Bureau (2000)

-Wichita has a rich history…
A history of Cowboys, Indians, Carey Nation and Jesse Chisholm.

Near the end of the Civil War, Jesse Chisholm established a trading post at the confluence of the Big and little Arkansas Rivers. A location that the Indians believed would be safe from a tornado. His trading trail into Indian Territory (present day Oklahoma) became known as the Chisholm Trail. At the end of that trail was…Wichita. Texans used the route to walk wild Texas Longhorns to the Kansas railheads. Over the next several years Wild West Legends such as Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson would rule the streets of Wichita.

The four horseman that had been hired by the city to turn the herds toward Wichita using the Chisholm Trail were trying to entice the cowboys to come to Wichita and spend their money on gambling and prostitution that was legal and taxed to benefit the community. The Delano District, just west of the river at Douglas Avenue, was the area that the cowboys went to for fun.

Today, the Old Cowtown Museum is an authentic, 17-acre, open-air living history museum, which recreates city life in Wichita and Sedgwick County from 1865 to 1880.

Carey Nation was a suffragette who believed that alcohol, gambling, prostitution, and cigar smoking was a sin. With the blessings of The Women’s Temperance League she axed down the bar at the Eaton Hotel, and slapped cigars out of the mouths of the fine men of Wichita. Carey was the first woman jailed in Wichita.
There was a sign erected at the City limits that said…

All Nations welcome…Except Carey!

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