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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Homeowners insurance policies have interesting rules...

In 2006 during a hail storm my roof was damaged and my insurance company came out and gave me 1/2 the cost of a new roof.  The Roof would have cost $28,000 and they were willing to give me $14,000.  State Farm issued a check in the amount of $7,000 and said when I put on the new roof they would give me the balance.  We saved for the new roof so that we wouldn't have to take out a loan and we also wanted to put a hail resistant roof on our home.  It took a while to save the money as we wanted to use a product that looked like slate but was much lighter in weight and...It was expensive!  When I contacted State farm for the rest of the money that they owed me they informed me that..."You didn't replace the roof within 2 years of the hail occurance and they will not be sending me any  more money.  In light of the fact that I send to State Farm between 25 and 40 new people needing insurance on their new homes every year and have for 36 years...what do you think I should do? 

I am not happy!



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