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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Frost Alert for Thursday!

Here is a helpful message from our friends at Johnson's Garden Centers...

Frost Alert: Thursday!


The weather forecast says that we are to receive our first frost in the Wichita area on Thursday morning!  It's time to protect our tropical houseplants.  If you don't have a chance to bring the plants inside, at least cover them with a sheet or blanket, or move them closer to the house and they will be better protected.

Once plants are inside, it seems that the insect population increases. While the plants are outside the next couple of days, easily control the insects without getting the spray everywhere.  We recommend working Hi-Yield Systemic Insecticide granules into the soil to provide a timed release insect control.  Ferti-Lome Quick Kill is a fast acting, ready to use (trigger sprayer) that kills insects fast.  Bayer Rose and Flower spray is both timed release and fast acting, the best of both worlds.

Also, apply Ferti-Lome Start N Grow slow release fertilizer to keep your plants growing while they're vacationing indoors.

Sometimes it's easier to replace tropical Hibiscus every spring than trying to overwinter it, so decide which plants make more sense to protect.

As always, we're here to help and will always welcome your questions or concerns. Thanks for being a valued customer. 

(Note to self: Unplug hoses from faucets.)  


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