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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving...

We have so much to be thankful for this holiday season!  For those who saw Carrie Rengers column today in the Eagle...I am not changing professions!  I wanted to take this opportunity to explain a little further about  This is the answer to sending food to friends without have to cook, and without having to interupt the healing process.  Visiting is great, food is necessary, and washing dishes is a drag!  Here's how it will work when it launches in January 2009!
  1. You will go to online and put in the name, address, phone # and e-mail address for yourself and for the friend you will to send a meal.
  2. A calendar will be displayed for you to pick a date at least 24 hours from the time entered
  3. A menu will appear for the cateress that works the zip code in which your friend lives.
  4. You will select the meal that you wish to send
  5. A template note card will then pop up for you to fill in a personal note to your friend
  6. A box will appear for you to enter the e-mail addresses for anyone else you think may wish to send a meal or those people that have already communicated the need to set up a causefor the friend.  Paste or type in the individual e-mail adresses that would like to have a link to your friends calendar
  7. Enter your payment, credit card information for the meal or meals that you have chosen into the secure server online.
  8. The Cateress will now have the information and the morning the meal is to be delivered, they will call your friend to tell them what time to expect the meal to arrive
  9. The meal will be delivered by
  10. Your friend will receive a meal, a menu giving instructions on how to heat up the meal, All ingrediants listed and information on how to send an electronic Thankyou note to the friend who sent the meal. The friend will also receive a beautifully printed note card on lovely notecard stock. was designed to send food to friends by friends all organized in a way this makes it helpful.  The site will launch in January in Wichita.  If you know of a cateress that would be interested in being a Licensee, Please e-mail Shelley Packard at after January first!
Bon Appetite!
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