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Monday, December 1, 2008

The Uncommon Sense Blog...

Good Morning...From time to time I plan to share some of the websites I find as a valuable source of inspiration in business.  I attend the Strategic Coach 4 times a year and my particular coach is Dan Taylor.  Dan is an amazing entrepreneur.  Please check out his Blog when you have a moment and you will see how exceptional his positive thinking really is!
Happy Monday,

The Uncommonsense Blog is just that.

It is a blog about the counterintuitive views to what's happening in the world. Blogger Dan Taylor is an author, attorney, speaker, entrepreneur, and futurist. Read what others say about him and his approach to some of the biggest challenges facing our country and the world today.

The Uncommonsense Blog is about you becoming more confident by thinking, acting, and talking about the events in the world in a way that transforms your concerns and fears into different thinking, acting, and talking. It is about focus and calmness and deliberateness.

The Uncommonsense Blog is about taking what is happening in the world, acknowledging it but not indulging it and transforming it to make it work for you. Dan Taylor is a long time student of the Strategic Coach Program -- a lifetime focusing program for entrepreneurs to increase their income, learning, growth, and progress. Dan has used the tools and concepts of Strategic Coach to create his intellectual capital company, Advisor Freedom complete capability programs for individuals to increase their autonomy as professionals and value for clients. His programs are transforming the lives of all those who experience them.

The Uncommonsense Blog is about not being a victim. It is about ignoring the media's negative view of the world and events. It is about taking accountability and responsibility for your thoughts and actions. It is about not being entitled to anything but increasing capability in everything. It is about knowing that no one is more concerned, knows more, or cares more about your future than you.

The Uncommonsense Blog is about laughing more than you languish over people and events. It is about finding ways to collaborate and contribute while consuming with gratitude and appreciation.

The Uncommonsense Blog is about you taking responsibility for you and the people you care about. It is about thinking in such a way that no matter what you read, no matter what you see, no matter what you hear, or no matter what happens you can make the situation work for you. It is about learning to think in a way that is empowering, influential, and persuasive.
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